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Rich Internet Application

Rich Internet Applications are the name of the day today. Also called the RIA, this genus of applications are designed to be delivered via the internet to any authorizes person, anywhere access on nay device or platform. With the performance slated to be similar to a desktop application, rich internet applications are developed on versatile existing platforms like Java, Flash and Silverlight.

Rich Internet Applications have evolved from the concept of internet gaming (the MMORPG genre that has caught on across the globe) and involve the concept of media capture and delivery. Most of these applications are delivered via the usual route of browsers by use of specific plug-ins, virtual machines or independent sandboxes.

Currently most browsers have developed to deliver rich internet applications independently mainly due to the advent of XHTML and HTML5 and their race for compatibility. Due to a multitude of platforms and browsers being available, the development of rich internet applications is a challenge since the objective is to cater to all these platforms and browsers seamlessly.

This complexity of rich internet application development is a challenge to many and a development model based on openness, simplicity, integration, generation and agility can only meet it. No wonder, rich internet applications are being molded more on the OO model which has been in hibernation for some time now.

Of the available models and standards, it is evident that the XML models that are being currently deployed are most capable of delivering rich internet applications since they act as the best customizable connectors between systems. Rich media formats and most graphic formats are increasingly being used and published as open API’s with most of them being based on XML. So development of RIA’s is based on data interoperability standards and XML fits this requirement like a glove.

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